my story

Anja KukofkaMYSAYANG means MY LOVE !

My love and fascination for antique and colorful vintage sarongs, my passion to create a new interpretation of old traditions for our modern lifestyle and my deep connection with Bali – that's how i started my first MYSAYANG collection in 2015. After 10 years working as the creative director in the creative lab of Marc O’ Polo International GmbH, one of the most famous fashion brands in Europe, I decided to leave my hometown of Munich to travel the world for one year. After discovering beautiful places such as Thailand, India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Borneo and Papua New Guinea, I found myself ‘stranded’ on Bali - the island of Gods - and one of the most beautiful and inspiring islands for me.
Besides my new found passion for surfing the waves, I began to design handmade rugs & yoga bags made from vintage sarongs, which I had collected on my trip around Asia. Originally I made these pieces just for friends but as word spread and requests kept coming in from friends of friends, I decided to share my newfound love with you all and my brand MYSAYANG was born. Literally translated Sayang means love in Bahasa - Indonesia. And as i wanted to create things with love and to be loved, i called my brand MYSAYANG - MY LOVE. These days my rug collection is exclusively handcrafted from Asian vintage sarongs in a traditional Asian craftsmanship, which is rarely seen nowadays and all vintage fabrics are still carefully selected by my own.
Today, MYSAYANG is not only about vintage sarongs though. Traveling a lot for my job and by living part time in Bali, I never found myself neither my perfect travel bag for all my trips, nor a good surfboard cover to protect my surfboard baby on my motorbike trips around Bali. So i quickly decided to design my own canvas bag collection, and soon i also founding myself reconnected with my creative side. Years ago I had already created art on canvas in Munich and now living here in Bali I found myself back at my roots and designed a hand printed and handmade 100% canvas bag collection. The bags are made in our home tailoring in Bali, next to our favorite surf breaks - All prints are simple, like black dots & different stripes; inspired by the easy and simple lifestyle of Bali, the black sand beaches, the white shore break of the ocean, the shades by each sunset, my Bali love and the surfer's life.
As a super big coconut - lover and really believing in the power of coconut oil, I also tried to find best quality coconut oil to protect my salty skin, but as I was not satisfied by the shop range, I started to search for homemade coconut oils all around Bali and finally found the best coconut oil, produced by a family farm in north Bali. Originally intended just for my own personal use, I realized that I could not deprive you all of this discovery. And again I had one more new MYSAYANG product on my product list. You can use this fantastic 100% organic, cold pressed coconut oil for your daily skin and hair beauty ritual or for your organic and healthy home cooking everyday.
What once started as a surf adventure around the world, nowadays became my every day living in Bali and enriches me daily for my ideas and designs for my bags, blankets and lifestyle products. What really makes me happy and thankful every day. I wish i could take you on my journey of inspiration and you enjoy my collection of essential pieces for yoga, food. surf & lifestyle, all made with great care & love in Bali.
xx Anya